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LP Outer Sleeves


Our 3 mil thick outer sleeves protect the beautiful album cover artwork of outer jackets. Without outer sleeves,  album covers tends to get scuffed and marred every time your return the album back into the shelf.

Vinyl records are becoming harder to replace, hence, they increase in value by the day. Using external sleeves enable you to further elevate the value of your collection. Protective covers, however, are not created equal. How do you choose the best option?

The Outer Sleeves by Collector Essentials are here to help preserve the quality and value of your record collection.

We are offering outer sleeves that are made of 3-mil thick polyethylene. This material boasts high clarity and acid-free properties. It’s the best way to preserve the beauty of your records’ album covers.

The market abounds with 2-mil sleeves that fold and crease easily, failing to hold their shape. Our LP Sleeves are a true 3mil thickness you can feel and provides ample protection to your prized collection.

With dimensions of 12 5/8″ x 12 5/8″, our sleeves are roomy enough to accommodate single and most double LPs in Gatefold Jackets. They leave an extra space along the open end to ensure your record covers do not stick out, protecting all exterior sides.

Here are more reasons to love our outer sleeves:

  • EXTREME DURABILITY – Featuring an industry-leading design, our record outer sleeves boast 3-mil thick, high-clarity polyethylene. It also has extra strong seams that do not tear or split easily.
  • OPTIMAL FIT – At 12 5/8″ x 12 5/8″, our vinyl record sleeves fit single and most double 12” LPs in Gatefold Jackets. A little extra room along the open end ensures all exterior sides are protected.
  • ZERO RISK FOR ALBUM COVER – These sleeves have an acid-free construction, ensuring your album cover is not susceptible to discoloration. You can count on it to preserve your prized collection.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA – You can trust our sleeves’ superior quality! Preferred by collectors and dealers for over 40 years now.